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重要公告 - 集團架構重組

Updated: Aug 19, 2021


  1. 旭晨企業顧問有限公司 (TCSP no. TC007795) 將取代旭晨會計有限公司 (TCSP no. TC003481) 提供公司秘書及公司服務,與之簽署的合同將自動轉移,當中價格及服務內容並無改變, 貴客衍生之法定文件更新將由本集團負責。

  2. 已租用新蒲崗及葵興註冊地址之客戶將自動轉移至旺角及荃灣註冊地址,衍生之法定文件更新將由本集團負責。敬請 貴客於二零二一年九月三十日前通知顧客,供應商,銀行及其他有關機構,如需協助,請向本集團聯絡。

  3. 本集團總部亦將由葵興辦公室遷移至旺角辦公室,以便提供更佳服務,正式開幕日將另行通知。


旭晨控股(亞洲)有限公司 啟

Important Notice - Group restruturing

At 16th August, 2021, Wilson Holdings (Asia) Limited and its group members (our "Group") completed corporate restructuring, and the changes are as follows:

  1. Wilson Accounting Limited's (TCSP no. TC003481) company secretary and corporate services had been superseded by Wilson Corporate Advisors Limited (TCSP no. TC007795). The agreement signed shall be transferred automatically without changes in price and services details. Our Group will process the relevant statutory record.

  2. The registered office of San Po Kong and Kwai Hing will be transferred to Mong Kok and Tsuen Wan. Our group will process the statutory record. Please notice the changes to your clients, suppliers, banks and relevant parties before 30th September, 2021 and please contact us if needed.

  3. Our group's headquarter will move from Kwai Hing Office to Mong Kok Office in order to provide better services to you, the official grant opening will be noticed.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Wilson Holdings (Asia) Limited

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