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Corporate Services

You may encounter difficulties during operating of your business, our opinion will help you get through it.

Advise on corporate restructuring

 - including Acquisition, Consolidation, Merge, Sell off, Spin off, etc

Advise on group restructuring

 - restructure the group

Advise on internal control

 - ensuring the policies are executed effectively

 - ensuring the accounting data is recorded effectively

 - ensuring the business risks are managed effectively

 - ensuring the resources are used properly

 - ensuring the overall operation is worked effectively

Advise on corporate governance

 - to solve the possibility of Agency problem in BOD

 - enhance the company's Transparency, Accountability, Competency

Budget plan preparation

 - forecast the financial data and assess the feasibility for entrepreneur for the potential business

 - forecast the financial data and assess difference needs of development, financing, M&A, etc

   for sophisticated enterprise

Investment appraisal

 - assess, analyze different investment plans

Financing solusion

 - assess the financing need, method, duration, etc

Financial controller subcontracting

 - normally includes the above services and acounting services, normally charge monthly or annually

Intra group property/shares transfer

 - According to s.45 (Cap.117), the stamp duty can be relief

Treademark registration

 - Includes trademark search and assessing, registration, and appeal, etc.

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