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Company Secretary

There are different between private secretary and company secretary. According to s.474 of the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622), company secretary must be a natural person aged 18 or above, ordinarily resides in Hong Kong; or a body corporate, have its registered office or a place of business in Hong Kong. And s.475 stipulate that if there are only one director, he or she must not be the company secretary.

Company secretary responsible for arranging minutes, preparing minutes, submitting annual return, and ensuring the company compliance with related law. Under the Anti ‐ Money Laundering and Counter ‐ Terrorist Financing Ordinance, Cap. 615, a person commits an offence if the person carries on a trust or company service business in Hong Kong without a licence. WCAL(旭晨企業顧問) is licensed corporation, licence no. is TC007795.

According to s.658, every Hong Kong registered company must have a registered address for maintaining statutory records of the company and receipt of acknowledging government's correspondence.

Our Company provide Virtual Office service, personalized call answering in your company name and message taking service, including registered and correspondence address with Directory Sign and E-Directory Sign.

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