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HKBN service fee waiver 香港寬頻 豁免服務月費

Updated: May 8, 2020

Hong Kong is deep in our roots. As the coronavirus outbreak continues to grow across our beloved city, many companies and families are going through tough times with business slow down, wage cuts and financial loss. We believe it is our responsibility to support our fellow Hongkongers.

Starting from 2 to 15 March 2020, our customers can register here to receive a 1-month service fee waiver. HKBN residential fixed services (broadband, home telephone service and IDD monthly plan) customers can receive a service fee waiver up to HK$200 per account. For business customers of HKBN Enterprise Solutions, HKBN JOS and HKBN Cloud, we offer a service fee waiver up to HK$500 per business registration number.


由2020年3月2日至3月15日,香港寬頻住宅固網服務客戶(包括家居寬頻、家居電話及IDD月費計劃)可以在此網頁登記豁免一個月服務月費,每個戶口之上限為HK$200。同時,香港寬頻企業方案、HKBN JOS及HKBN Cloud商業客戶也可以登記豁免一個月服務月費,每個商業登記號碼之上限為HK$500。


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